Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Works for me Wednesday: Organizing Bills

Organizing bills
We organize our bills to track what is due, when, if it has been paid and how it was paid. I organize everything into columns.... one for the due date; bills to be paid; a check box for after it is paid; confirmation number for online payments or check numbers if mailed; and a total column for large totals still due (ex. Our Mortgage). I know this could be much neater and printed off of the computer but I have always written it and it works for me! I list the bills according to their due date. I also staple an envelope to the back to hold receipts and track our spending on another page. The little pink journal is a password book that contains all of our passwords. I never save them on the computer. I even tally up the total for the entire month so I know at a glance how much our bills are monthly.

The folders inside of this collapsible filing folder are labeled from January to December. I place the invoices of our bills in here after they are paid. I also place our bank statements, Explanation of benefits, and anything that needs to be saved monthly. I save them until the next year. When I start a new month I shred last years bills. I never throw away pages from my bill book. I use later to compare our bills to previous years. Inside of the collapsible there is a storage section where we keep our checkbook, pins, & etc, and it has a mini collapsible section that we use as an envelope system for cash. The envelope system is suggested by Dave Ramsey.
The bill notebook and password book fit neatly in the back of folder. So all of our bill needs are in one place, in our handy dandy notebook (a sign that I watch too many children shows). For more great tips check out We are that family.

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  1. I really need to set something like this up for myself. All my bills are just thrown on top of the microwave, real organized right!!