Monday, June 8, 2009



Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Crystal. I am a homeschooling Mom to Love Bug (8 almost 9 girl), Mr. Ant (4 1/2 boy), Big Al (2 1/2 boy) and Lil Andy (1 month old boy). I am married to a wonderful man, Tim. Big Al calls him big daddy although we haven't figured out why yet. I like to find humor in everything. Some days you have to laugh to not cry. I use herbs and natural remedies. I figure if it came from God it has to be good stuff. We try to eat healthy and I enjoy cooking. Although I do have to admit.......I am a Chocolate addict. I love to bargain shop and find ways to save money. I have a hard time paying full price for anything. I am a Catholic convert and a Pre-K Catechist at my parish. I like children better than adults. Their perspectives are glorious.

I love being a Mom and wife. They are the most important jobs I have. I hope to share what works for us and learn from others.

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