Saturday, June 13, 2009

A little competition goes a long way!

I love books! I have a desire that all of my children will love books. I try to introduce exciting good books to them. Love bug likes to read and she will read some on her own. Normally a few pages out of a chapter book almost every day. I've wished for her to be enthralled in them and to find one that she couldn't put down. Well......Her friend likes to read and shows her how many pages she has read in one day. My daughter has to prove that she can read that many too. So she started reading as many pages as she could in a day to impress me with the numbers! On top of that our library is having a summer reading program. The child who reads the most wins a prize. This has never motivated her before and I don't encourage it because I believe you should read for the joy of reading. But I am not going to complain. She has been reading non-stop!!!! She has read at least a chapter book (not pages) a day! One day she read two of them. On top of that she is reading other small books every day to herself and her brothers. She has read 6 books since Wednesday. She has found that they are so exciting and she said she can't stop. Ahhhh the learning that's taking place makes me one happy Mom!! I just hope it continues after the reading program is over.

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