Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Herbal uses for Colds

We use herbs and natural remedies when we are sick. Right now Big Al is sick and he has a cold. Limited Edition Herbs makes liquid Combination Multi Tracts that work well http://www.limitededitionherbs.com/index.php. They combine the herbs together for different ailments in a glycerine base instead of alcohol. There are also herbs available in Single Multi Tracts (just one herb). The ones we are using right now is Breezblend (for asthma), Magnificent Mullein (dry cough), and Echinacea for Health (immune enhancer). Each blend has more than one herb ex. Magnificent Mullein contains mullein, marshmallow, angelica, calendula, orange peel, elderberries and essential oils which aid the respiratory system. I buy the 8 oz bottle and on the website it was listed for $32.00. They mailed me a discount order form and the 8 oz. bottles were $19. The phone number on the form is 1-800-867-7353 if the discount is still available. The bottles we use the most have lasted almost a year, though we don't get sick often.

Other things to do:
-Simmer onions covered with honey for about 30 mins. cool and give as needed for cough.
-Cut up some garlic and allow to sit in olive oil for the day. At bedtime rub on their feet and put socks on for cough. The next morning they will have garlic breath! Garlic goes straight to the lungs. It works really well. It also boosts the immune system.
-2 drops of Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) into some juice or water 1-3 times a day.
-Glass of warm lemon and honey
-Eat a clove of garlic at bedtime. Now most children will not do this! But adults can and adventurous children can if they want. My daughter will because I bribed her once (with chocolate) and the next day she was all better. My husband doesn't care how much better he will be, he will not eat plain garlic. I will eat a clove in a minute, even if the children are sick and I'm not.
-Also a spoonful of plain honey can help soothe a cough.

I use all of the above together and colds don't usually last long when we do get them. The garlic oil on the feet works wonders even for an asthmatic cough. It even helps stop Big Al's wheezing. If the cold is severe enough I still have to use his breathing treatment. I just watch him very carefully. His asthma only flares up when he's sick.

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